Why Twitter Poll should have a Disclaimer

If you want to have insights about anything, you can cling on Twitter poll. You can actually set up a poll if you want to know what could be the cutest name for your dog. Or you can set-up a more serious poll as to who will be the next president of your country. Twitter was able to institutionalize Twitter poll to be one of the most trusted source of the public’s opinion. While this is good to note, there are some dangers on this. That if one is unaware of may cause harm personally or up to the most serious like destabilizing a nation. This is not a joke. This is true and every one of us must be serious in taking this into consideration.

A popular Twitter poll can easily persuade the public mind. The general rule of the majority winning is still applicable in our present time. If the public sees one of the answers is ahead of the others, they are most likely to choose that answer. Why? Because we humans always would like to go on the safe side. In case that answer wins, you will take the credit and say that it’s because you voted for that that’s why it won. When that answer loses, you can easily say that we just need to accept it, besides that’s the voice of the public. Bottom line, the answer that is advancing over the others in a Twitter poll is most likely to be the favorite choice.

Another danger is to be polarized to a common decision. Common decision may not be the best or the correct decision. Some who set-up Twitter polls go beyond their sanity by saying that the most liked answer will be the decision to follow. There is always this danger of manipulation. A group of people wanting to push a decision may flood that Twitter poll with their favored answer. If they are eager and serious, they will win. This pose a threat especially if the poll is political or economically inclined.

With all these dangers, what could be the solution? Many gave their suggestion of placing a disclaimer at the end of each Twitter poll. Yes, anybody could do this. But anybody can also opt not to do this. So for the safety of the general public, it is best that Twitter have it as a permanent part of a poll. They can place statements like:

  • This poll is not scientific.
  • This poll does not represent the views of the general public.
  • This poll is not systematic and is only random.

Doing this will save the public from threats and risks. Surely, Twitter can do this. With its advance methodologies, they can easily implement this. All they need to have is the will to implement this.

Sad but the Twitter poll that was supposed to be random, fun, and informative has gone to be a source of threat and risks. The best warning in order to avoid such is for the public to be aware.

3 Ways to Master Twitter Poll

Have you used Twitter Poll? This not so latest Twitter update came out in 2015.  By this time, I hope you’re able to create even just one poll. I am asking you this because I want to share how Twitter poll increased the engagements online. Indeed, the response of the people is magnificent. In just few minutes, respondents to a posted poll are over 20 people already. What does this mean? Twitter poll allows you to be seen and felt online. Twitter poll is a door for you to promote your business. But before you get excited, read through this article so you’ll know how to master it. Because just like in any process, it takes some sort of skills and tricks before you can master it and get a huge number of respondents.

Find out what People Want

There is a wide array of topics that can be posted. Of course, your poll depends on what you want to know. But you do not ask questions in the poll directly. You have to have a touch subtleness so people will get thrilled or they wouldn’t know that you need something from them. Say for example, you are a novel writer and you are about to write your next novel. For you to know what story will catch the hearts of many, you can use Twitter poll for this. As you begin to know what story line they want, you know that what will happen next is for your advantage. They will purchase your novel, they will share it to others and then that is where your popularity will rise.

Engage People in a Fun and Witty Way

More than usual, Twitter polls are very professional in nature. There is nothing wrong with that until it becomes your norm. What do I mean by this? Too much professionalism births to boredom. Yes, your purpose of posting a poll is for you to solicit their insights to a particular topic. But isn’t it too much if you are always on the receiving side? This kind of behavior tells them that you just need them. If they know that you’re in the habit of polling, they will notice the kind of polls you post. So make sure you add some spice. From time to time, breakout from too much professionalism. Insert poll that will make them smile or laugh. Ask random poll questions like what pet do they have in the house? What sauce do they like for their pancakes? Stuffs like that.

Review your Twitter Polls by asking the People   

If you’re in the habit of polling, you can also use this as opportunity to engage. You can ask them which of your poll their favorite is. You can ask them which poll you posted made them think, made them laugh, made them frown, or made them connect to others.

To conclude, Twitter poll is such a magnificent way to increase your engagement only if you know how to master it. So do not just post a poll, make sure you’ve considered the above insights.